Pennsylvania Dutch

Yes, that’s Kevin Bacon of Footloose fame standing next to me. My breakfast at the Palomar hotel in Philadelphia was less humdrum than usual after I spotted the A-list celebrity.    There weren’t any other patrons at our side of the restaurant, so as I was nibbling on my poached egg and mixed berries, I had an uncannily clear view of my favourite “Footloose” star, who was sitting a mere 10 feet away, sipping his coffee and reading the morning paper. I finally worked up the courage to ask for a photo, so it’s fair to say I was starstruck by the experience. Turns out The Bacon Brothers would be performing a concert outside of Philadelphia.

Incidentally, Kevin Bacon’s father was renowned architect and urban planner, Edmund Bacon. He was instrumental in designing several of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, and was sometimes referred to as “The Father of Modern Philadelphia.” The six degrees of separation theory was certainly resonating for my debut visit to the city, known as “America’s Garden Capital”.

Branch outside of Philadelphia and discover amish farms, small town charm, gardens and galleries. Take a look at my story in Doctor’s Review magazine. Pennsylvania – DR Oct


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