Garden Gazing in Toronto

I’ve never been a gardener. But boy do I love flowers. An obvious influence must be that my childhood century home in the country sat on just shy of an acre of green grass, with  a glorious potpurri of wildflowers and splashes of vivid colours no matter where I explored.  The sweet peas in the vegetable garden were one of my favourite flowers, and it was fun to cut bunches to bring inside and display in a vase on the kitchen table.  There were lilac trees, an intoxicatingly fragrant mock orange tree as sweet as candy, lily of the valley, peonies, irises, daffodils, and so many more beautiful colours and smells.

Garden gazing can be a peaceful, meditative pastime, and may inspire your inner artist to pick up a paintbrush, camera or notebook… or even get gardening.

Here are four of my favourite Gorgeous Garden Escapes in Toronto:

1.) Spadina House – 285 Spadina Road


2.) Toronto Music Garden – 479 Queens Quay West

3.) Allan Gardens Conservatory – 19 Horticultural Avenue


4.) Edwards Gardens – 755 Lawrence Avenue East


About travelglossary

A Toronto-based freelance writer and a former books contributor for The Canadian Press, Cherie DeLory has published numerous articles including travel, food, parenting, author profiles, health and lifestyle. Publications include Zoomer, WestJet Magazine, The Globe and Mail and ELLE Canada. Cherie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television (Ryerson University) and a Bachelor of Education (University of Toronto).
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